Suffering from eczema is  a life-altering condition especially if you are living in the UK with such harsh weather conditions and the ever hard water calcium issue with the shower water we have here, so no wonder why there are many people with such skin problem. Rather than resorting to steroid creams which are known to cause undesirable side effects, Eczema Cream is the way to go with less to no side effects.

Leading the UK`s top choice for natural eczema solution is  the natural calendula cream by Lyonsleaf, a homegrown and organic, farm-produced calendula-based skin products.

100% Natural Skincare Products

100% water-free

Mostly made of homegrown organic ingredients and cold-pressed oils

Winner of the 2014 FreeFrom Awards

Made in Britain

No synthetic ingredients

No harsh chemicals and preservatives and emulsifiers

Ingredients are in the most unprocessed and unrefined state

Grows its own ingredients as much as possible – not sprayed with chemicals

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